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Here are some cards, letters and pictures of Carriage Hill puppies .
Thank You to everyone who has kept in touch we love hearing from you. 
Dear Margie,I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for our new family member. "Cash" was in the Truman and Lucy litter (the green collar boy puppy). He is doing very well. He just went to get his 3rd set of shots and his check up went very well. So he is a healthy puppy, who now weighs almost 29lbs! We are so happy with Cash even though certain items around the house may have a beef with him. I also sent along a couple of photos. Thanks again,Randy S
Hi Margie, 
My name is Cori Johnson, we bought a puppy  from you in December from Gale and Truman's litter.  I just wanted to touch base and send some photos of our little girl Sophie.   She is such a good girl, very well behaved, she has blended so well with our family right from the start.  You definitley picked the right one, I have to say.  She has a ton of fun with the boys, as you can see, my little one and her are BEST BUDS.  I am ALWAYS getting compliments on how pretty she is.  Just wanted to let you know and again say thank you for everything!
The Johnson Family. 

Puppy kindergarten was great!! I was the star student because I already know to look at my people when they call my name,  sit when I meet new people, and sit when someone asks me too!!! Thanks to you, Grandma, for teaching my people  so well!! The other people started  calling me "Perfect Princess" and then I had a little set back.....Ok, so I passed gas and practically cleared the room!!! One little boy changed my name to Perfect Farting Princess....That may be hard to live down!!!!
My little girl, 6 year old Maya, is my best kid friend! I follow her around constantly when she comes over and she is so proud of  how I listen to her! (She always had a pocket full of treats, so that's a BIG incentive!!) We play together and she takes me for walks, with a big person along "just in case". I'm really not sure what those big folks are worried about, but they do pick up the poop, so I guess they have a purpose! Maya really tried to convince my people to let me sleep with her. Well, that didn't go over, so she showed them that she could fit inside my crate and sleep with ME. She even told them that she didn't mind if they latched the crate!!!! That didn't fly either! My people kept muttering something about a news team ringing the doorbell, so Maya and I agreed to sleep in our own special beds! We played hide and seek in the piles of leaves in the backyard yesterday! I could always find her with my super smeller, but since I'm pretty much the same color as the leaves, I had to wiggle so she could find me!! It was a blast! It's a good thing that I love to be brushed because I was pretty "leafy" by the time we tired of the game!
That's about it for now, 
Hi Margie,
 I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know Emma is doing great at Obedience so far. We are also starting our work in agility. That is going to be a long process I had no idea how much work was involved with that. But we are having fun!! Here is a couple of pics for you .  We sure love this little golden child of ours.   Take care,
   Cindy & Emma
Hi Margie!
We wanted to send you some pictures of Wrigley.  He is growing up quickly!  And he is such a well behaved puppy!  We took him to some training classes which were really good for him.  He is learing to walk on a leash, but it is a challenge.  He sits, lays down, and settles pretty good.  He even has learned to roll over, give handshakes and even give a hi-five!  He has been fun to have around.  And everyone that meets him falls in love with him.  Here are a few pictures that we have taken recently.

Robin, Aaron and Wrigley Riley

Hi Ms Margie,
Just wanted to send you a note to tell you that Chloe has adapted just fine to her new family.  We are finally together as a family in Il.  We are actually in Herrin and have been unpacking all week.  This picture was taken just a few days ago.
Chloe went to the vet last week and checked out just fine.  She weighs 19 lbs.
I will continue to send pictures.
Thanks so much for a wonderful dog
Dawn S
Hey there Margie,It took me a bit longer than I had wished to get this e-mail to you...but better late than never, right? As you know, Bella had her 6 month birthday on September 26! She's growing so fast - mentally & physically! We've completed one puppy class successfully and are now about half-way through the advanced puppy class. Bella is such a special puppy...she has unique characteristics that make her stand apart from other dogs. Bella loves to explore. She has no fears. She loves dark and closed-in spaces, she isn't afraid of loud noises or sudden movements...my dad says that she was born to be a rescue dog since those are all qualities that those dogs possess. Haha! She has an incredible sense of balance - she could walk a tightrope! She has the nose of a bloodhound, the eyes of a hawk, and the ears of an owl. She's as fast as a jackrabbit and can jump through the air so high and gracefully you'd think she were connected to cables. And, of coarse, she has the brains of a golden retriever :)She's truly remarkable to say the least! We all love her so much! I'm already pushing my parents to get a second puppy from you once bella turns 1 year old! Haha!I've attached 2 pictures of Bella -she is absolutely beautiful! I resized the pictures this time so hopefully they'll load quickly for you. If not, let me know and I'll resize them again and resend them to you. I'll talk to you soon!Katie P
Dear Margie,

Riley is simply a wonder puppy! The entire vet office came to a screeching halt when I brought him in for a "meet and greet" and to set up medical records, etc. He wasn't the least bit frightened by all the attention, in fact his little tail wagged to whole time. He's seems very bright - notices any changes I make to his environment such as  the hose reel I put outside when he was napping. He seems to watch and catalog everything.  He wakes up just twice in the night and promptly does his business outside and goes back into the crate with little fussing. 

In other words, we couldn't be more pleased with the little guy you helped us pick :o)


Laurie and George C
Hi Margie, I wanted to send a quick Maizy update! She just had her 4 month birthday and she is growing fast! She is so adorable and sweet, and doesn't chew anything!!!! Her first few days home she would escape from her crate somehow (???) so we call her Maizy the Amazing. She is a happy, playful little girl but great at 'hanging out' when you're not in the mood to do much. Everyone comments on how beautiful she is (she gets called 'calendar puppy,' 'puppy from the movies,' etc), and of course I would have to agree! She's the best!  Kate & Matt 

Hello,  Just wanted to let you know that Kara is doing great and we just love her.  She is growing so fast and is very smart.  She looks just like her Mom.  We are having a great time with her and she has become my new little baby.  Mu daughter just loves her and playing with her.  Thanks again for a great dog and member of out family.  Jan Sowa

Hi Margie, 
 We sent you four pictures of Maggie (formely known as tiger girl from Ripley and Tylers litter). Maggie is now 5 months, 30 lbs. She is now eating Innova puppy food, she is a mousse. She was completley house broken in the first month. She is so smart and such a great dog. We get complements from everyone on how pretty she is. She loves the snow and is a great people person. Thank you so much for giving us the opprutunity to make her a part of our family. We could not ask for a better companion. Thank you again, we hope you enjoy the pics.
    - Jerry & Andrea D
Hi Margie, 
Eli and I have been meaning to email you for quite some time now to thank you again and show you some pictures of Franklin (Blue Boy), the puppy we got from you in May.  We are having so much fun with him and are enjoying watching him grow and having him around.  He has the best little personality and is so loyal already!  We have taken him on many camping trips to Michigan and he loves the outdoors.  He is a natural swimmer and braved Lake Michigan and Superior!!  I attached several photos of him from after we got him all the way to today-I hope you are able to open all of them.  Its crazy to think we got him at just over 5 pounds and he is already 38 pounds-and we still get stopped constantly so people can pet him and tell us how fluffy he is!  We have seen a few other golden puppies in our neighborhood but Franklin is by far the cutest and fluffiest, so thank you for giving us this wonderful companion!  
Jenna & Eli