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Margie and Don Hanson
Breeder - Margie Hanson 
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Bringing a new puppy into your family is a big decision that requires lots of thought, it is a long-term commitment to love and care for your new puppy. New puppies require lots of care, training, toys and regular veterinary visits, to maintain proper health. PLEASE be sure that you have considered all the aspects and expense of dog ownership before purchasing one of our babies.

Puppies may be sold with either a full registration or a limited registration depending on the litter, if you are interested in breeding please let us know so we can recommend a litter and go over the responsibilities of breeding. 

We require that you use the Carriage Hill prefix when naming your puppy so it will be written on your registration application when you receive it. 


Carriage Hill will offer a replacement guarantee (SORRY WE CAN NOT REFUND MONEY ONLY REPLACE THE PET) for any dog who has any genetic based health problem that caused their death or compromised their health for a three year period. 

This would include Hips, Eyes, and Heart, etc. If you suspect that your puppy or dog has a genetic defect you should follow the steps below:

Notify us by phone or letter 
If you suspect your pet of having hip, or elbow dysphasia, you will need to have them X-rayed by a veterinarian who does not use anesthesia to perform the X-ray. 
Have the X-ray sent into OFA for evaluation. 
Eyes need to be checked by a professional eye doctor for determination. There are several in the area should you need one.
We usually have approximately 3 litters of puppies a year if a replacement is needed.

CARRIAGE HILL and /or  Margie Hanson are not under any circumstances responsible for any part of any vet bills once the puppy is picked up.